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Every supplement aisle, whether they are in drug stores, pharmacies, grocery stores or natural health food stores, is lined with hundreds of bottles claiming to aid general health problems. In the array of products for adults and kids, one crucial segment is missing: a brand to address men’s specific health concerns. The supplement category is filled with a confusing clutter of vitamins, herbs, and mystery ingredients with no explanation of how they benefit consumers. Single ingredient products sit on shelves as cures to specific problems without educating consumers about why they need it, let alone the scientific substantiation for its claim.

These “letter” vitamins and single ingredient remedies have taken over countless store shelves leaving a massive gap in the market – no comprehensive solutions formulated just for men. . . until manMED.

After recognizing a gap in the market and creating a line of all-inclusive supplements for women, Founder & CEO Shawna Page, a 49-year-old natural health advocate, created manMED provide a solution for the men in her life to address the same issues she faced before femMED, a line of especially-for-women supplements. Solutions like:

  • Multi-ingredient, comprehensive solutions address specific health concerns in one formula.
  • Products are intuitively named so men can easily self-select which products are right for them based on their specific health concerns
  • A colour-coded for easy identification on-shelf, and products that can be combined safely so that men can address multiple health concerns simultaneously.

As a backbone to a healthy life, manMED provides natural formulas to address health concerns most commonly heard by MDs and Naturopaths from their male patients.

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